Sourcing OEM, Aftermarket and replacement spare parts for oilfield drilling equipment and Rig Parts such as: Top Drive, Drilling equipment and Handling tools…etc

We work closely with Major Oil and Gas services such as Slickline, Coiled Tubing, Well Testing, TCP, Frac, Nitrogen, Logging and Perforating, Cementing, Completion and Directional Drilling Providing OEM and Replacement Parts for your services with competitive prices.
moreover; Supplying all your consumables to have your stock ready for Next Jobs.

We know your business demands more than just quality products. It is also cost and Time. We provide OEM and Replacement Parts with the same quality and competitive price for your application.
You may have Construction Equipment, Heavy Duty Vehicles or Engines that need urgent, overhaul or routinely consumable items. We are recognized and trusted by Major players in this Industry.